Our Employees Help Make Our Community Great

Employment at Blakey Hall is filled with challenges, new friendships, and satisfaction of a job well-done and meaningful service to senior citizens. The success of Blakey Hall depends on each employee at our community. We carefully selected our employees through an extensive process, including a written application, personal interview and careful evaluation.

Our staff is purposeful and intent on a doing a great job and working for the best possible results. They work with efficiency and dedication, and treat Blakey Hall like home.Consistency and reliability – these are the words that define our staff.

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Our Administrative Staff

Ed Weeks

Ed Weeks

Executive Director

Ed joined the Blakey Hall staff family as the Executive Director in the summer of 2017. His passion is working with seniors to provide an energetic and stimulating environment that allows his residents to thrive and live well. His experience working within the senior care industry is extensive and diverse, and he is looking forward to planting roots and investing in the Blakey Hall community with his ability to provide a positive impact.

Email: eweeks@blakeyhall.com

Dawn Walker

Dawn Walker

Assistant Executive Director

Dawn has been keeping Blakey Hall running smoothly with her expertise in administrative management for 17 years. Her goal is to make sure that all the details are handled efficiently so that Blakey Hall continues to be a comfortable place for residents, a community that provides the best care. Her passion contributes to the feeling of trust families have when they think about Blakey Hall.

Email: dwalker@blakeyhall.com

Jimmy Gudaitis

Jimmy Gudaitis

Managing DIrector

Jimmy is the Managing Director at Blakey Hall Retirement Community. In this part-time capacity, he is responsible for assisting the Executive Director and for overseeing the expansion of our senior living apartments.

Email: jgudaitis@blakeyhall.com

Linda Busick

Linda Busick

Resident Care Director - Blakey Hall

Linda has been a staff member at Blakey Hall for 17 years. As the Resident Care Director for the Assisted Living facility, she oversees the care of residents, schedules care staff and provides medication management. She sets up training and continuing education classes for the medication staff as well. She loves seeing the residents smile, and goes the extra mile to see it happen. She appreciates the opportunity to work with and listen to staff members – and believes that being among the staff is like being among family.

Email: lbusick@blakeyhall.com

Margaret Slade

Margaret Slade

Resident Care Director - The Cottage

Margaret has been working at Blakey Hall for 17 years. She supervises the staff at The Cottage of Blakey and ensures that residents receive the utmost care. She is the direct communications contact for families and medical staff. She loves having the opportunity to care for residents. Her attitude is what makes Blakey Hall a great place to work and what helps make our staff feel like family.

Email: mslade@blakeyhall.com

Judy Simpson

Judy Simpson

Activities Director - Blakey Hall

Judy has been working at Blakey Hall for 15 years. She plans and coordinates activities that are geared towards the residents’ interests and that target their well-being. She also works with our volunteers from Elon University and the community. Judy loves coordinating intergenerational activities and feels that it’s an honor to see students realize they’re working with individuals who are always and forever young at heart. She enjoys having the opportunity to be a super-connector and loves her Blakey family.

Email: jsimpson@blakeyhall.com

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