Our Community Offers So Many Options

There are many choices out there for those searching for the perfect place to call home, and we appreciate what a unbelievably difficult decision that is. Blakey Hall is one of the most experienced and premier senior care communities in North Carolina.

We are not restricted to one area of care, however. We have independent living apartments at The Hamlet and senior freestanding homes at the Henton at Elon. We offer assisted living for our residents of Blakey Hall, along with care that specializes in those challenged with dementia in The Cottage at Blakey.

Blakey Hall

Assisted Living

Blakey Hall is a 72-resident assisted living facility that was licensed by the state of North Carolina in October 1999. Our accommodations provide gracious retirement spaces near the prestigious and beautiful Elon University campus. In addition, Blakey Hall offers the best in country living in a beautiful setting but is only a few minutes away from city amenities.


The Cottage at Blakey Hall

Memory Care Facility

When an older individual suffers from a form of dementia, a terrible burden is placed on care givers. The disorientation that the disease brings often makes the patient wander around, posing an ever-present threat to the person’s safety. At Blakey Hall, our purpose is to help families cope with a very difficult illness and help the patient enjoy life to the best of his or her abilities.

The Hamlet at Blakey Hall

Independent Living

The Hamlet is an independent senior living complex that consists of 42 duplexes. It is located near The Henton development and adjacent to Blakey Hall. In addition to the wonderful living spaces located on the ground floor, The Hamlet features a clubhouse with a dining room and an exercise room.

Meadow Haven | Postponed

Independent Living (Postponed)

Similar to The Hamlet community which offers independent living for seniors, the Meadow Haven will have 2-bedroom and1-bedroom options. This neighborhood will also have a community center with many amenities. (POSTPONED AT THIS TIME)


The Henton Community

Active, 50+ Neighborhood

The Henton was created and developed by the owners of Blakey Hall and The Hamlet, and is widely known for being one of the first retirement communities in the United States. The Henton is comprised of 40 single-family homes that are designed to “work” for people as they age. Residents, mostly working retirees and empty nesters, own their homes and have free access to common areas. If you are interested in options at The Henton please contact a local real estate broker.

Want to Know More?

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You can also email us at info@blakeyhall.com.

Volunteer at Blakey

Studies show that volunteering helps us enjoy longer lives. Likewise, taking part in worthwhile causes helps add meaning to our lives and improve our quality of living.

Childcare at Blakey

Intergenerational involvement is truly wonderful and is the reason we opened Blakey Hall After School & Summer Camp next to our senior accommodations. Learn more.

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