Childcare at Blakey Hall

Young children gain so much experience from the older generation. In addition, the older generation is inspired by the energy and enthusiasm from the children. Intergenerational involvement is truly wonderful and is the reason we opened Blakey Hall After School & Summer Camp next to our senior accommodations in 1999.

Childhood is a unique and precious span in the human life cycle that should be valued and respected. Through our child-centric programs, we provide young individuals with opportunities to build relationships with others. In addition to that, we have a dietary department that serves freshly prepared, nutritious meals to the children under our care.

After-School and Summer Camps, Holidays, and Teacher Workdays

Your child will have an exciting, memorable experience at our after-school and summer camp. We do pick-ups at most schools in the area. During the school year, we help with homework; and during the summer, we incorporate several field trips into our schedule.

Childcare at Blakey also offers à la carte options during the school year, when kids are out of school because of holidays or Teacher Work Days. If you’re looking for a safe and engaged program for your children, get in touch! We’ll reserve a spot for your child(ren).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has childcare been offered at Blakey Hall?


We’ve offered childcare at Blakey Hall since 1999. Our program offers a children a safe campus, while still being close to town and main thoroughfares.

Who is in charge of childcare at Blakey Hall?

Dawn Walker

Dawn is the Business Director of Blakey Hall and helps to oversee the childcare programs.

What is the After-School Schedule?
Our after-school schedule runs from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.
What schools are on the Pick-Up list?
We currently pick up from the following local schools: Elon Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Highland Elementary, A.O. Elementary, Western Middle, and Turrentine Middle.
What does the After-School Program offer?
Our staff cares for and keeps children engaged through the entire afternoon. We offer homework assistance, and the kids have oversight and a safe area to play while waiting for pick up from their responsible party.

We also have some activities in the main facility (Blakey Hall) to focus on intergenerational connections.

When does the Summer Care Program begin?

Our summer Care Program begins the following day after the Alamance Burlington School System’s last day of school.

What is the daily schedule for Summer Care?
Children can be dropped off as early as 7am and picked up as late as 6pm.
When does Summer Care registration open?

Registration for our summer care program is open all year round. If you’re interested, we encourage you to reserve your child(ren)’s spot right away.

How can I pay for the Summer Care Program?
We accept check and cash payments for the summer care program prior to service. Responsible parties can make one payment for the full summer term, and/or monthly or weekly payments, based on schedule.
What does the Summer Care Program offer?
We offer a safe campus while still being close to town and main thoroughfares. At Blakey, children have the opportunity to engage in intergenerational activities.

We schedule several field trips through the summer schedule to give children the opportunity to enjoy time off campus (Example: Movie Theater Days, Pool Days, etc…).

Snacks and lunch are provided as a part of the summer care program and are included in the total cost.

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Childcare at Blakey

Intergenerational involvement is truly wonderful and is the reason we opened Blakey Hall After School & Summer Camp next to our senior accommodations. Learn more.

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